What Do I Know?...

A Little Bit About Me

I am a multi zealous wellness-preneur devoted to the wisdom of all things CBD & cancer healing naturally.                  

                                     simple + natural + effective  

               That describes my cancer losing, energy gaining lifestyle Shift.

No complicated regimens, just a delightfully fun & easy step-by-step habit changing system to follow.

I don’t consider myself a cancer fighting expert, but I do have a few tips to share about how I went from junk food junkie with a deadly cancer diagnosis to super food health geek and the energy level of my youth. If that strikes a cord with your right now health situation then read on. 

If you’d like to make Shift Happen in your life I’d be happily honored to show you the way!...

I know that Shift Happens & you can overcome anything when you are really ready to say “Enough of this feeling lousy crap” and you’re really truly, genuinely willing to take some serious action. 

I do mean anything, YES...even cancer!... 

And I know this because I did just that; by making certain lifestyle & habit changes that anyone, yes even you, can do too. If you are ready to make Shift Happen in your life, I'd be delighted to share my journey & show you the way. So grab a cup of tea, take a few deep breaths and stay a while, get to know what I'm all about & you'll find that my mission is simply to help you make Shift Happen too!...

My Personal Story

How Picture Great Health Came To Be!... (pdf)


I'm thrilled to share a few pages alongside other determined women who have stories of strength & courage to Inspire your journey forward

All My Quals & Certs